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Posted: January 25, 2017 in the washington post __, world midia

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The morning’s most important stories, selected by Post editors Top Stories
Trump to order building of border wall, crackdown on sanctuary cities
The plan to sign executive orders today regarding the border represent the president’s first effort to deliver on perhaps the signature issue that drove his campaign: his belief that illegal immigration is out of control and threatening the country’s safety and security.
By Jerry Markon, Robert Costa and Abigail Hauslohner  •  Read more »
Trump’s disregard for truth threatens his ability to govern President Trump’s campaign was untethered by the facts, and in the first days of his presidency, he has put the enormous power of the nation’s highest office behind spurious and easily disproved claims. Can he run the country that way? By Karen Tumulty  •  Read more »
m Administration orders agencies to restrict dispatches to public
Limits on communications appear to target agencies that are charged with overseeing environmental and scientific policy, prompting criticism from within and from groups focused on climate change.
By Juliet Eilperin and Brady Dennis  •  Read more »

This is the kind of family whose support Trump’s success will live or die on
The Razmuses had collectively been persuaded that Donald Trump was the right choice. As they visited Washington for the inauguration, they raised concerns about those who didn’t see it that way.
By Monica Hesse  •  Read more »

Trump threatens to ‘send in the feds’ to address Chicago ‘carnage’
Trump’s threat-by-tweet came just two days after Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D) criticized him for focusing so much on the size of the crowd at his inaugural ceremony and for failing in his speech to appeal to “our better angels as a country.”
By John Wagner and Mark Berman  •  Read more »
President close to naming nominee for Supreme Court
Trump previously said he had an idea of whom he would pick but had not made a final decision. Democrats and liberal groups are preparing for a fight, no matter Trump’s choice.
By Robert Barnes  •  Read more »
Nikki Haley confirmed as U.S. envoy to the United Nations
South Carolina governor and rising GOP star wins some Democratic backing.
By Anne Gearan  •  Read more »
Help us, GOP. You’re our only hope.
By Garrison Keillor  •  Read more »
What does Israel want from America?
By David Ignatius  •  Read more »
Arthur Brooks: The word dignity explains why Trump is president
By Jonathan Capehart  •  Read more »
The true, correct story of what happened at Trump’s inauguration
By Alexandra Petri  •  Read more »
Trump is Nixon without the polish
By Carter Eskew  •  Read more »
Tom Price is Exhibit A for congressional ethics reform
By Editorial Board  •  Read more »

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