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President Trump prepared to sign three presidential memorandums in the Oval Office on Monday.The New York Times »
The New York Times
Tuesday, January 24, 2017
President Trump prepared to sign three presidential memorandums in the Oval Office on Monday.Doug Mills/The New York Times
Good Tuesday morning.
• President Trump abandons trade deal in a flurry of first-day activity.
In his first workday in office on Monday, Mr. Trump gave notice that he’s pulling out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, banning federal foreign aid to groups abroad that counsel women on abortion and freezing most federal hiring.
Mr. Trump also summoned some of the titans of American business, met with the leaders of several construction and building trade unions, and huddled with congressional leaders.
• The Senate confirms Mike Pompeo to lead the C.I.A.
Mr. Trump’s cabinet continued to take shape on Monday, as Representative Mike Pompeo of Kansas earned approval to lead the C.I.A. Mr. Trump has so far faced few meaningful obstacles in installing the team of his choice.
• Republican senators offer an alternative for Obamacare.Several Republican senators proposed a partial replacement for the Affordable Care Act that would allow states to continue operating under the law if they chose, a proposal meant to appeal to critics and supporters of former President Barack Obama’s signature health law. The proposal was quickly attacked from all sides.
• A Tea Party of the left? Democrats hope so.
Eight years after Republicans united after a stinging electoral defeat to oppose Mr. Obama, Democrats are channeling an even deeper anxiety over Mr. Trump — and a far shallower defeat — in a newfound burst of organizing.
Party leaders are hoping to recreate the mass movement that sprang up in 2009 and swept Republicans to power in the House and in governor’s races across the country — a Tea Party equivalent from the left.

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