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David Fahrenthold tells the behind-the-scenes story of his year covering Trump
A reporter reveals how he investigated Trump’s claims on his donations to charity.
By David A. Fahrenthold  •  Read more »
Americans — especially but not exclusively Trump voters — believe crazy, wrong things
The misinformation and disinformation of Americans, charted.
By Catherine Rampell  •  Opinions  •  Read more »
They made him eat cat litter before killing him — and posted it all on Snapchat, police say
The victim was dragged into the kitchen and beaten unconscious. Then he was beaten some more, according to authorities.
By Cleve R. Wootson Jr.  •  Read more »The good that could come from a Trump presidencyWith a side of Obama Nostalgia.
By E.J. Dionne Jr.  •  Opinions  •  Read more »

A woman ordered canaries to brighten her home. The USPS delivered a box of ‘bird carnage.’ Most cute animals aren’t mailable, under federal rules. Songbirds are, and don’t always fare well in the mail.
By Avi Selk  •  Read more »
A plan to make America 1953 again If past is prologue, America will try to cower its way to greatness.
By George F. Will  •  Opinions  •  Read more » How the U.S. came to abstain on a U.N. resolution condemning Israeli settlementsThe Obama administration had become increasingly frustrated, and the president had nothing to lose.
By Karen DeYoung  •  Read more »With new monuments in Nevada, Utah, Obama adds to his environmental legacy
Obama has invoked 1906 Antiquities Act more than any president since FDR. Republicans want to change it.
By Juliet Eilperin  •  Read more »
Neighbors who don’t know boundaries from spite fences
Girl (and that mother of hers) flip out when she’s not invited to every event.
By Carolyn Hax  •  Read more »
Also Popular in Politics
 Trump on alleged election interference by Russia: ‘Get on with our lives’
The president-elect also played down concerns about extracting himself from his wide-ranging business interests.
 By John Wagner  •  Read more »Fox News wonders whether we should cancel food stamps because 0.09% of spending is fraudulentTrump’s plan to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem could help the peace process
Trump accuses Obama of putting up ‘roadblocks’ to a smooth transition

President Obama may not have destroyed the Democratic Party. But he hurt it real bad.

Also Popular in OpinionsAt the University of Oregon, no more free speech for professors on subjects such as race, religion, sexual orientation A University of Oregon report supports the suspension of a professor who made herself up as a black man at a Halloween party to which she had invited students — but the logic of the report equally denies freedom for any professor speech that sufficiently offends people based on race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, sex, national origin, and more.By Eugene Volokh  •  Read more »The Kerry backlash•

Memo to Trump: There can be only one president at a timeI watched a populist leader rise in my country. That’s why I’m genuinely worried for America. •These coal country voters backed Trump. Now they’re worried about losing Obamacare.Also Popular in Sports</a>

UFC 207: Can Ronda Rousey regain her title and her mystique?Week 17 NFL picks: Redskins make playoffs, Packers win NFC NorthA closer look at the Giants’ offense before the Redskins’ crucial Week 17 game •aSerena Williams: ‘If I were a man,’ I would have been considered the greatest a long time ago By Cindy Boren  •  Read more »

Will these Redskins earn a playoff game or play their last with Washington?
Also Popular in National
The nonprofit director who called Michelle Obama an ‘ape in heels’ has lost her job — for good Pamela Taylor, former director of the Clay County Development Corp., was fired as state officials work to keep a closer watch on the nonprofit.By Kristine Guerra  •  Read more »Trump just met with super-influential health-care executives you’ve probably never heard ofPolice say a black man was shot after pulling a blade on officers. A new video raises doubts.Ambushes and fatal shootings fuel increase in police death toll this year
A professor called Trump’s election an ‘act of terrorism.’ Then she became the victim of terror.ADVERTISEMENT
Also Popular in World  – Two dead in Army helicopter gunship crash in TexasAn obscure E.U. regulation may have saved lives in the Berlin Christmas market attackObama administration is close to announcing measures to punish Russia for election interference
Donald Trump is fighting for his trademark in China, home of Trump toilets and Trump condomsOn the front lines of the fight for the Islamic State’s capital of Raqqa Also Popular in BusinessCan Alexa help solve a murder? Police think so — but Amazon won’t give up her data.Trump holds Q&A, discussing jobs, Russia, IsraelThe world today looks ominously like it did before World War IThe U.S. spends more on health care than any other country. Here’s what we’re buying.Scientists just ran the numbers on how much Trump could damage the planetAlso Popular in TechnologyCan Alexa help solve a murder? Police think so — but Amazon won’t give up her data.Amazon’s latest idea is a flying warehouse that’ll deliver your stuff by droneThe big takeaway for gadget nerds in 2016No, Mozart did not have 2016’s best-selling CD. What really happened is even more surprising.A novel poll tries to uncover whether children are working in dangerous mines in Congo
Also Popular in LifestyleThe future of malls is bleak. But one of the D.C. area’s oldest malls has found a niche: immigrantsThe 2017 In/Out List

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