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Posted: December 28, 2016 in world midia

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ah1>Cinnabon posts complete twitter fail after Carrie Fisher’s death

The brand-fail force is strong with Cinnabon.
Here are the songs Paul Simon wrote about Carrie Fisher

She was far more than just a princess.

There is no right way to mourn celebrities on the internet

Their cultural impact is inescapable, and ultimately, worthy of public lament.
Carrie Fisher had one hilarious request for her obituary  Fisher told all her younger friends to add this one detail to her obituary.

What a world without Carrie Fisher means for the Star Wars universe  We will see Leia on screen one more time.


Watch a Tesla predict a car crash 2 vehicles ahead  The Tesla was able to predict the crash two cars ahead of the driver.

The best of Carrie Fisher’s Twitter
Remembering one of the sharpest wits on Twitter 

From the sun to planet nine: A stunning tour of our solar systemCheck out Earth’s cosmic backyard.
 Luke Skywalker bids farewell to Carrie Fisher, his beloved ‘space-twin’

“She was OUR Princess, damn it.”

This hilarious Carrie Fisher interview is how she should be remembered

The interview was an instant classic.   

A life in the stars: Carrie Fisher in pictures
A life well lived.

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