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the W.postRio opener has low budget, high appeal; Column: Rio deserves more than the Games have provided so far; Plunge for distance, tug of war: The sad history of defunct medal events; Everything in the past four years has led Ledecky to this Olympic moment; Trump endorses Paul Ryan, John McCain; In Trump, some Obama backers see a new champion of hope and change;The morning’s most important stories, selected by Post editors  Rio opener has low budget, high appealWith the sound of crashing waves and bossa nova, the Games began with a rainbow-colored party that highlighted Brazil’s glories and tragedies. But even the darker moments were leavened with dancing animal figures and colorful revelers.
By Joshua Partlow and Chico Harlan  •  Read more » a align=”left” valign=”top” bgcolor=”#ffffff”>Column: Rio deserves more than the Games have provided so far Hosting the Games should build up a city; the current IOC structure does little but tear down.
By Sally Jenkins  •  Read more » Plunge for distance, tug of war: The sad history of defunct medal events For some sports, the flame burns out more quickly than for others.By Adam Kilgore  •  Read more »

Everything in the past four years has led Ledecky to this Olympic moment
The swimmer from Maryland and her coach carefully plotted their road to Rio — and history.
By Dave Sheinin  •  Read more »
Trump endorses Paul Ryan, John McCain The Republican presidential nominee sought to end a high-stakes impasse with several members of his party’s leadership by delivering a formal endorsement of House Speaker Paul Ryan’s reelection after refusing to do so days earlier.
By Jose A. DelReal  •  Read more »
In Trump, some Obama backers see a new champion of hope and change Although the concept of the same voters backing Barack Obama and then Donald Trump strikes many people as weird, the people making the choice say they’re consistent: In 2008, they wanted someone to shake things up, put the focus back on the middle class, reverse the country’s sense of decline and stick it to the powers that be. This year, they still want the same things. By Marc Fisher  •  Read more »
Yay, Olympics — but also ewwwww! By Alexandra Petri  •  Read more » After a brain injury, I suddenly displayed some behavior similar to Donald Trump’s By Kathleen Parker  •  Read more »
The sinking fantasy that Trump would defend the Constitution
By George F. Will  •  Read more » Trump is right about violent crime: It’s on the rise in major cities. By Sean Kennedy and Parker Abt  •  Read more »
Why a Trump loss in November could still be destructiveBy Dana Milbank  •  Read more »
Generation X and millennials may have found a new secret to sexual happiness
By Stephanie Coontz  •  Read more »
As the potential of Chinese funding grows for U.S. tech firms, so does the peril
“Start-up fundraising in Silicon Valley wouldn’t function without Chinese money,” one chief executive said. But the hardball tactics exerted by some players from China make some entrepreneurs wary.By Elizabeth Dwoskin  •  Read more »Japan’s emperor wants to retire. Whether he can is another question.
Emperor Akihito is expected make a statement Monday that he is having difficulty carrying out his duties. But there’s no legal provision for him to abdicate, and merely raising the prospect could be unconstitutional. By Anna Fifield  •  Read more » Turkish anger over coup attempt fuels anti-American sentiment
Certainty about a U.S. link to last month’s failed military coup seems widespread in Turkey, where right-wing and pro-government media outlets have accused the United States of involvement in the putsch.
By Ishaan Tharoor  •  Read more » Grandmother dies from injuries after trying to save kids from sex offenderCandy Arthurs died six weeks after Kristofer Amos stabbed her in the heart as she pushed her grandchildren to safety, said police in Columbus, Ohio.
By Lindsey Bever  •  Read more » Trump unveils a new economic team full of wealthy advisers Donald Trump announced a new team of ultra-rich financiers and businessmen as his core economic advisers, bringing high-profile names to his inner circle but also possibly stepping on his populist claims to save the middle class.By Jim Tankersley  •  Read more »Clinton backtracks on claim FBI chief called her ‘truthful’ Hillary Clinton said she “may have short-circuited” Director James Comey’s characterization of her public statements about her controversial use of a private email server as secretary of state. By Abby Phillip  •  Read more » Trump adviser’s public comments, ties to Moscow stir unease in both partiesCarter Page is a little-known adviser with an ambiguous role in the campaign, but his stature within the foreign policy world has grown considerably, drawing alarm from more established experts for his comments on Vladimir Putin and U.S. policy. By Steven Mufson and Tom Hamburger  •  Read more »
Judge criticizes secrecy rules on FBI requests for companies’ data Federal gag orders that prevent companies from disclosing demands for information seem “inconsistent with the intent of the law” when they have indefinite time limits, U.S. District Judge James Boasberg wrote. By Ellen Nakashima  •  Read more » What exactly is a beach read anyway? Summery, sexy — or sexist? The “beach read” label for books was created as a marketing catch-all. But in practice, it has described disposable escapism read by white women.By Sophie McManus  •  Read more »She asked him about Pokémon Go He caught one of the game’s critters, but did they catch the love bug?
By Amanda McGrath  •  Read more » Six common dryer mistakes You’ve probably been using the appliance wrong your whole life. By Jura Koncius  •  Read more »Share Today’s Headlines:      Twitter      Facebook
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