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Meat is horribleIt may be delicious, but the evidence is growing that meat is kind of a disaster.
By Rachel Premack • Read more »
The Bahamas’ new U.S. travel advisory: Use ‘extreme caution’ around police
“Do not be confrontational and cooperate,” with police, advised the foreign ministry of The Bahamas, which is 90 percent black.>By Aaron C. Davis  •  Read more »  
Police say Dallas attacker, an Army veteran, ‘wanted to kill white people’
Investigators were still seeking to explore the gunman who they said had bomb-making materials in his home.  By Brady Dennis • Read more »  Obama slammed Polish democracy on Friday. Here’s how Polish TV proved him right. By Michael Birnbaum  •  Read more »   ADVERTISEMENT
Police group: Minn. governor ‘exploited what was already a horrible and tragic situation’ Philando Castile was killed during a traffic stop in Falcon Heights, Minn., near St. Paul. By T. Rees Shapiro  •  Read more »  Dallas Police Chief David Brown lost his son, former partner and brother to violence Weeks after Brown became chief in 2010, his son killed an officer and another man outside Dallas.  By Theresa Vargas  •  Read more »  Please pass the crow: Taking kids out to dinner It fosters a new respect for parents and a little remorse for eye-rolling in a previous life.By Carolyn Hax  •  Read more » 
Grisly evidence of Neanderthal cannibalism uncovered in a Belgian cave
The researchers aren’t sure why the bodies were butchered — was it part of a ceremony? An act of desperation? Sheer bloodlust?By Sarah Kaplan  •  Read more »
Five Dallas police officers were killed by a lone attacker, authorities say
Police said one suspect was killed by a bomb robot after a violent, hours-long standoff.By Joel Achenbach  •  Read more »Stopped 52 times by police: Was it racial profiling?
When Philando Castile saw the flashing lights in his rearview mirror, it wasn’t unusual. He had been pulled over at least 52 times in recent years in and around the Twin Cities and given citations for minor offenses including speeding, driving without a muffler and not wearing a seat belt.By Carla K. Johnson and Steve Karnowski | AP  •  Read more »
NYPD turns down request for Donald Trump to address officers

Meanwhile, Trump’s campaign insists it never asked.By Jenna Johnson • Read more »An ‘unarmed’ white teen was shot dead by police. His family asks: Where is the outrage?Is no one talking about Zach Hammond’s death because he is white? “All people need to be outraged out this,” his family’s attorney said.By Abby Phillip • Read more »
Investigation: Police shootings
See how many have been shot and killed by police across the United States, according to Washington Post data.By Kennedy Elliott  •  Read more »
Clinton’s deplorable disregard for proper security
Her email use as secretary of state set a dreadful example for the national security community she seeks to lead.By Colbert I. King  •Opinions•  Read more »[
This is what white people can do to support #BlackLivesMatter
Educate yourselves, put your bodies in the streets and help dismantle white supremacy
By Sally Kohn  •Opinions• 
Read more »

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