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Posted: July 6, 2016 in Uncategorized

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FBI completes Clinton email probe, recommends no criminal charges
The FBI director said that no reasonable prosecutor would bring criminal charges against Hillary Clinton.
By Matt Zapotosky  •  Read more »
How LeBron James, the CBA and James Harden pushed Kevin Durant to the Warriors
Kevin Durant may have announced his decision to go to the Golden State Warriors Monday, but it was a move that happened thanks to a series of events over the past five years leading up to it.
By Tim Bontemps  •  Read more »
‘The gun didn’t kill my boy — I did’: Father accidentally shoots son during target practice
Stephen Brumby, 14, was hit in the jugular vein by an errant bullet at a Florida gun range.
By Lindsey Bever • 
Read more »
The Tesla didn’t really crash itself
A car involved in a May accident should not have been considered fully self-driving.
By Editorial Board  •  Opinions  • 
Read more »
Sorry, Donald Trump. American workers won’t fall for your scam. Hillary Clinton has actual policies that would help workers. Donald Trump doesn’t.By Greg Sargent  •  Opinions • Read more »


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