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a href=”×15&li=heads&m=67769573dbd65e4e1a9ecc68a2be4d18&p=6969859&#8243; target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Democrats see chance to turn deep-red Arizona blue for first time in 20 years</They think they have a sleeping giant: 350,000 Latinos who are not registered to vote but who could mobilize against GOP candidate Donald Trump because of his incendiary rhetoric on immigration.
By Philip Rucker    Read more »

Trump accuses Jeb Bush of plotting against himAt a rally in Las Vegas, he also appeared to take aim at Sen. Ted Cruz, who was effectively the runner-up to the real estate mogul in the GOP primary race.
By Sean Sullivan and Jackie Valley Read more »
‘Brexit’ might send shock waves across U.S., global economy
Britain’s upcoming decision on whether to leave the European Union carries hefty consequences for American businesses, which employ more than a million people in Britain.
By Ylan Q. Mui  •  Read more »
</aNASA’s 1976 Viking mission to Mars did all that was hoped for it — except find life
The search for extraterrestrial life began with an ambitious plan to land a NASA robot on Mars. Forty years later, the Viking mission remains legendary — both for its triumphs and disappointments — and continues to cast a shadow over Mars exploration.
By Joel AchenbachRead more »
U.S. ‘hypocrisy’ and Chinese cash boost Beijing’s hand in South China Sea</aAmid China’s land reclamation activities in the disputed waters, efforts to build a unified global response have been undermined by frantic Chinese efforts to rally support, combined with what many see as American double standards on maritime law.

By Simon Denyer  •  Read more »>ADVERTISEMENT


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