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The Washington Postthe Washington Post
Evening Edition
The day’s most important stories</a:
In anti-Trump move, Rubio frees up supporters in Ohio to vote for Kasich</a:
The unusual move is in line with what Mitt Romney recently urged anti-Trump voters to do: Deny the billionaire the GOP nomination by voting for Rubio and Kasich in their respective home states. However, Kasich’s campaign did not respond to Rubio’s comments warmly.</a:
By Sean Sullivan • Read more »</a:

‘Get him out!’: Racial tensions explode at Trump rallies</a:
The frequency and severity of such clashes have escalated strikingly in recent weeks, and almost always feature an uncomfortable component: Many of the protesters are black or Latino.</a:
By Jose A. DelReal • Read more »</a:
Carson endorses Trump, says mogul has a ‘cerebral’ side</a:
Ben Carson said he and Donald Trump have “buried the hatchet” after trading nasty words during the primary. During their joint appearance, the GOP front-runner said he saw no need for more primary debates.</a:
By Sean Sullivan and Robert Costa • Read more »</a:
Nancy Reagan funeral draws political heavyweights, stars from bygone eraThe former first lady and Ronald Reagan were “defined by their love for each other,” former secretary of state James Baker III said. Others at the invitation-only service recalled how she was dedicated to protecting her husband’s legacy.</a:
By Karen Heller and William Wan • Read more »

Open-carry gun protesters greet Obama at SXSW in Austin</a:
Activists are using the yearly music and culture festival, where the president delivered the keynote address, to bring attention to their defense of gun rights by openly carrying firearms in public.</a:
By Mike DeBonis • Read more »</a:
Want to avoid Zika? Stay more than a mile above sea level, CDC says.</a:
The agency said locations at elevations of more than 6,562 feet pose little risk because they have few mosquitoes.</a:
By Lena H. Sun • Read more »
Yes, Canada has fashion designers, and the first ladies wore them to the state dinner</a:
Michelle Obama wore a full-length, strapless dress designed by Jason Wu in navy silk with a romantic floral print, and Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau’s gown was created by Lucian Matis.</a:
By Robin Givhan • Read more »</a:
New twist in death of Putin’s former aide at Dupont Circle hotel fuels conspiracy theories</a:
The November death of Mikhail Lesin, initially reported by his family as a heart attack, immediately generated skepticism from Kremlin critics.</a:
By Michael Birnbaum • Read more »
When FBI employees behave badly, the bureau broadcasts it to their co-workers
The agency sends a quarterly email blast with real examples of misconduct, punishment.</a:
By Matt Zapotosky • Read more »</a:


This photo of a black man’s public hanging decorated a Joe’s Crab Shack table</a:
“We take this matter very seriously, and the photo in question was immediately removed,” the restaurant’s parent company said.</a:
By Elahe Izadi • Read more »
An escaped murder suspect took a family hostage. They fought back.</a:
The fugitive went on the run for eight days in Mississippi, then police found a dead body in a bathtub.</a:
By Michael E. Miller • Read more »/span><
Will the Supreme Court get its first Asian American justice?</a:
Sri Srinivasan — born in India, reared in Kansas and a member of the Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit — is said to be on President Obama’s shortlist.
By Amy Goldstein • Read more »</a:
Johnny Manziel is cut by the Browns</a:
Even considering the Browns’ woebegone history, Manziel’s two-year career with the team was a disaster.</a:
By Matt Bonesteel • Read more »</a:

A Naval Academy teacher fights to prove he’s innocent of sexual misconduct. Then a lost cellphone is found.

 Amid a furor over sexual assault in the military, the Marine was accused of having sex with two students. What came next was a flawed investigation and a fight to prove he did nothing wrong. But did he?</a: By John Woodrow Cox • Read more »
My son’s friends ignore him during carpools. Can I take their phones? The advice columnist takes your questions about the strange train we call life.<By Carolyn Hax • Read more »</a:
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