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Posted: March 5, 2016 in the washington post __, world midia

Foto do perfil de Washington PostFox News’s Bill O’Reilly embarrasses self, colleagues, country in post-debate debacle
It’s the Donald Trump show.
By Erik Wemple  •  Opinions  •  Read more »
Even Trump’s favorite TV hosts, Scarborough and O’Reilly, can’t avoid feuding with him
He’s maintained good rapports with Joe Scarborough and Bill O’Reilly, but now both relationships appear to be on the rocks.
By Callum Borchers  •  Read more »
Trump throws the GOP into an identity crisis
By Karen Tumulty  •  Read more »
Trump ‘sexism’ a key target for pro-Clinton advocates, super PACs
Clinton backer David Brock: ‘Trump is the last stand of the angry white man’
By Anne Gearan  •  Read more »


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