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The day’s most important stories
For Republicans, a not so grand old party
The 11th debate of the Republican campaign tested the patience of viewers. It was tedious and repetitious. No new information was imparted, no truly new arguments advanced. Even the insults were tiresome.
By Dan Balz • Read more »
Just when you thought the GOP race had hit rock bottom …
The two-hour shout-down in Detroit, ahead of Michigan’s primary next Tuesday, suggested that the GOP’s deep wounds will not heal any time soon.By James Hohmann • Read more »

The Fix: Winners and losers
Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich both stood out, but with Donald Trump, the more he talked, the worse he came across.By Chris Cillizza • Read more »

Fact Checker: Trump’s attack on Rubio’s attendance in Senate

Here’s our roundup of 14 fishy claims from the GOP slugfest.
By Glenn Kessler and Michelle Ye Hee Lee • Read more »

Megyn Kelly schools Trump on Trump U., and his contradictions
The Fox News anchor leaves the GOP front-runner sputtering to defend himself at debate.
By Paul Farhi • Read more »
The key difference between how Trump and Romney made their money
No one can dispute that Romney made boatloads of money. In contrast, Trump’s underperformance may be greater than previously recognized, an analysis finds.
By Max Ehrenfreund • Read more »

Breakthrough study details how Zika can attack fetal brain, cause microcephaly
The findings suggest the virus likely targets critical cells and interrupts their growth.
By Lena H. Sun and Brady Dennis • Read more »

LAPD confirms existence of knife found on O.J. Simpson’s former property
The knife was said to be found by a construction worker years ago, anywhere from several years ago to 1998, when the house was demolished by its next owner.By Matt Bonesteel • Read more »
‘El Chapo’ went back and forth to the U.S. after jailbreak, drug lord’s daughter claims
For a master drug-tunnel builder, sneaking into California for a family visit was probably the least of the fugitive drug lord’s problems.By Nick Miroff • Read more »


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