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Posted: February 18, 2016 in mídia digital_web, world midia

El Niño was supposed to bail out parched California, so what happened?
The record El Niño has not bailed California out of its drought woes. If the state doesn’t get hit by several storms soon, the situation will grow more dire. Here’s what you need to know about El Niño
Let’s make sense of an El Niño state.
How a 4-hour flight became a 30-hour nightmare
Someone on the flight must have been cursed.
Hear Kanye West throw a complete fit backstage at ‘SNL’
Kanye West threw a fit backstage at “SNL,” calling Taylor Swift a “fake ass” and proclaiming he’s “50 percent more influential than any other human being.”
Ryan Reynolds crashed Hugh Jackman’s interview to ask about his affairRyan Reynolds recently crashed Hugh Jackman’s ‘Eddie the Eagle’ press junket to ask some odd and awkward questions. Tens of thousands’ of sharks seen lurking near Florida beach
A Florida professor conducing an aerial survey near Palm Beach spotted tens of thousands of migrating sharks just “a stone’s throw” from the beach.
Cool mom Adele let son wear ‘Frozen’ Anna costume in Disneyland
Adele was spotted in Disneyland with her son, who was dressed up as ‘Frozen’s’ Anna.
   David Bowie’s son did NOT seem to like Lady Gaga’s Grammys performance
David Bowie’s son Duncan Jones posted a review of Lady Gaga’s tribute to his late father, and was less than complimentary.
Sia’s Carpool Karaoke reveals why she always hides her face
Sia joined James Corden for the latest Carpool Karaoke and brought all the hits. She also talked about aliens and that wig. >
Dog that goes missing during snowstorm is rescued by firefighters from sinkhole
Skye, a golden retriever, went missing after her owners let her off her leash on Monday night during a snowstorm.
 If Trump wins, this island wants you to flee the country to them
Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, Canada is appealing to American tourism. Specifically Americans who want out if Donald Trump wins.
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