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Posted: February 8, 2016 in the washington post __, world midia

Obama urges Muslims: Do not believe critics.You fit in here.’In his first visit to a U.S. mosque, the president delivered the comforting sermon that Muslim leaders have been requesting for years, framing Islam as deeply American and its critics as violating the nation’s cherished value of religious freedom.
By Michelle BoorsteinRead more »Rick Santorum to end his 2016 presidential campaign
The deeply conservative former senator who won nearly a dozen contests in the 2012 race for the Republican nomination is expected to announce Wednesday that he will suspend his latest run for the presidency.
By Robert Costa
Read more »
Hard feelings complicate Cruz’s effort to consolidate evangelical support

His campaign, full of bare-knuckled operatives who pride themselves on their take-no-prisoners approach to politics, might have poisoned the well.
By James Hohmann  • 
Read more »What a mom of two girls with microcephaly has to say about the Zika scare
After their first daughter was born with microcephaly, Gwen Hartley and her husband were told her condition was an anomaly. Then, an ultrasound revealed their third child had the birth defect, too.By Colby Itkowitz  •  Read more »




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